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About Lisa Abernethy

Lisa Abernethy is a licensed Real Estate Broker by the NCREC. She is a member of the national, state and local Realtors Association. A native of Wilkes County, Lisa relocated to Statesville in 2001. Her background includes over 27 years in the home improvement industry. With her passion for redecorating and attention to detail, she is a natural for the real estate industry. "Bringing the right people together with the right homes makes this job rewarding. I love helping my clients find the home that suits their needs", says Lisa. "A house is not a home. Your home is where you feel safe, where you make memories, a place to be proud of. That's what I want for my clients." Lisa lives by this, "I often tell my kids and i feel the same way about my clients...I will not walk in-front of you or behind you but I will walk beside you to help guide you and hold your hand thru whatever you need. " In Lisa's spare time she spends it with her 2 children, daughter-in law and their newest addition....a grandson. She is also very proud of her oldest son whom is a member of the United States Army National Guard and is a member of the local police department. All those that wear the uniform is apart of her family...period.